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Organic Pink Pepper Naturteil

Matter Of Taste

We take care of our products. Origin, cultivation, production or maufactoring - everything matters for incredibly tasteful food. You will find pure taste and aroma of the highest quality in our online shop for eating and enjoying.

Organic Criollo Cocoa Beans Naturteil

Certified Organic

We love organic food! Therefore, we pay attention to a strict organic cultivation according to organic European guidelines. Pesticides? Chemicals? No! Not in our spices, teas and natural products. We insist on 100% purity!

Naturteil cooks and bakes with organic products

Tested In Our Own Kitchen

We cook, eat, we taste and enjoy with a love and the view to every single detail. Our dishes are prepared exclusively with our own spices and herbs. Try one of our recipes. You may find dishes for vegan to flexitarian diet. Visit our blog soon.

Manufaktur Naturteil Munich

Lovingly Hand-Packed

As a Munich manufacturer based directly behind the Munich University LMU, it is particularly important to us to deliver fresh and individually. Every tea, every spice, all herbs, whether in jars with shaker top, mill or doy pack, are packed and shipped manually, ecologically and sustainably.

Naturteil Gifts in wooden box

Make A Wish - Naturteil Gift Sets

Spice and tea sets in sustainable wooden boxes. Find a spicy selection of lovely gift ideas for family, friends, acquaintances and relatives. Our beautiful special wooden boxes will suit all your occasions. Seasoning and aroma at Easter, Christmas, New Year, for barbecue season or for weddings. Even company gifts in high numbers are no problem. Just ask. We will help you easily and quickly and implement your wishes according to your preferences and your satisfaction.

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The company NATURTEIL was founded in September 2012 and was launched as a family business of the siblings Artemis and Stefanos. NATURTEIL is located in Munich Schwabing and has its warehouse and offices directly behind the Munich University LMU. The two founders were enthusiastic of natural products of the highest quality. At the beginning NATURTEIL was purely a tea online shop. But after short time NATURTEIL outgrew to an online business with a rich assortment of superfoods, spices and tea. What was hidden as the deepest desire became true and so a few months later, the company exclusively offers certified organic products in best quality. ..... READ MORE

„We wanted so much, we had so incredibly many ideas, we' ve been discussing and debating, we've been tearing our hair, have been discussing again to simply come to the always same result - the only thing that matters is purity, high quality and tasty products, the production should be ecological and sustainable, the packaging should be recyclable, environmentally friendly and the delivery should be quick, customer-friendly and simple. We tested every single superfood, every spice and tea in numerous self-studies, boiled them, mixed them, baked and feasted them, cos purity and quality tastes best and we notice that every single day. We want to be entirely confident of what we have in our range. That's what we owe our continuous growing customer base. Trust is a valuable asset and we have an immense responsibility.“ As a young company NATURTEIL is particularly pleased to comply the customer's desire for more life and vitality with certified organic and sustainably produced products. So the family company will give precedence to a continuously growing organic food service. This also reflects their attitude towards environment and nature. Since May 2013 NATURTEIL is an certified organic company with the control number DE-BY-037-88018-B (EN-ECO-037). The ÖkoP Certification GmbH in Straubing, Germany, will verify the company on compliance with the organic certification conditions. The BIO (organic) label also obliged the manufacturers to comply with specific conditions, are being checked regularly. For example: Very strict limits and prohibitions on chemical synthetic pesticide and synthetic fertilizers used, livestock antibiotics, food additives and processing aids and other inputs. Absolute prohibition of the use of genetically modified organisms. So the siblings have big plans. Exclusive teas of the own tea brand Natürlich Tee, premium superfoods from vegan to vegetarian, aromatic herbs and spices, a food blog that accompanying the assortment that offers wonderfully tasty recipes, which can be prepared quickly and easily. First class food photography that proves and represents the siblings' attention to the detail. And love, very much love to all that tastes without complaining, to all that grows without destroying and all that lives. The NATURTEIL webshop lies on a CO2 neutral server. The company applies 100% power without CO2 emissions from renewable energy sources, confirmed annually by TÜV Süd. The shipment of each packet is a CO2 neutral and climate neutral by means of the consignor DHL GOGREEN and DPD Total Zero. Each customer has the possibility to freely the shipping with every order. So together with its customers NATURTEIL ensure a sustainable contribution to climate protection. Visits NATURTEIL on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Every customer has the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people, to be inspired by images and to express his opinions. NATURTEIL maintains an uncomplicated relationship with its customers. "Just have a chat about flavors or yummy food." With the inevitable view on assortment and range and the corresponding service NATURTEIL searches the direct contact to its customers. Your ideas, your criticism, your participation, make us recognize and learn what is important to you and what you wish. From product selection to packaging - every day the family company learns from you. This should be deepened and intensified in the future. Help us understand what you expect from your online dealer of confidence.