100% Certified Organic

As a young company we are particularly proud of complying to your desire for lifestyle and vitality. That means we have completely replace our products from conventional cultivation.



We are certified organic






Since May 2013 Naturteil is an Certified Organic Company with the control number DE-BY-001-20113-B (DE-ÖKO-001). The Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH in Nürnberg, Germany, will verify our company on compliance with the organic certification conditions. You may find very few exceptions like all natural salts - of course - and the your all time favorite old Yunnan Sheng Mini Tuo Cha.



The following conditions are being checked announced and unannounced in regular intervals.


  • Products from organic cultivation must be stored and labeled strictly separated from conventionally produced products.
  • The amount of purchased organic products must correspond exactly to the published amount.
  • Wholesalers, from which we obtain organic products must be able to present a valid organic certificate.
  • Flavored products such as flavored tea, exclusively contain purely natural flavors.


The term 'BIO' - organic - refers to various natural products, that are grown and manufactured in accordance with biological principles. These are indicated by the "BIO-Siegel".



The BIO (organic) label also obliged the manufacturers to comply with specific conditions, are being checked regularly. For example: Very strict limits and prohibitions on chemical synthetic pesticide and synthetic fertilizers used, livestock antibiotics, food additives and processing aids and other inputs. Absolute prohibition of the use of genetically modified organisms.

There is no difference between the preparation, e.g. brewing, cooking, mixing, of organic products and the preparation of conventionally produced food. Products of controlled organic cultivation also have no different durability. But you will be absolutely delighted by the unadulterated, deep aromatic taste of each natural product.